🛑Autonomous Vehicles Impact Car Insurance

 Self-driving vehicles, also known as autonomous vehicles, have the potential to significantly impact the car insurance industry. As autonomous vehicles become more prevalent, they may reduce the number of accidents caused by human error, which could lead to a decline in the number of insurance claims. This could potentially result in lower insurance premiums for policyholders. However, the development of autonomous vehicles is still in its early stages, and it is not yet clear how they will ultimately impact the car insurance industry. Some experts predict that as autonomous vehicles become more widespread, traditional car insurance policies may become less common, and insurance companies may offer new types of coverage that are specifically designed for autonomous vehicles. It is also possible that the liability for accidents involving autonomous vehicles will shift from the driver to the manufacturer or operator of the self-driving technology. This could lead to changes in the way t


You know you're having a bad day when you ram a ramen bar. This canopy is probably sticking out too far, and it's built like a battering ram, imagine the insurance claim. A customer of mine runs a Butchers, and his building's canopy extended out just a little bit further than his neighbor's. Each day a delivery would arrive, they'd back up to his store lining themselves up using the neighbors building to guide them, straight into his canopy, and changing drivers or delivery companies wouldn't ever solve the problem either.

🛑Car Insurance Talk

Growing up in a rural area operating machinery is part and parcel of daily life and anybody who has lived on the land knows how invaluable having that experience from an early age is. As a motorcycle courier on the busy city streets, there were certain habits that saved my life and countless insurance claims on numerous occasions, the most important was checking over my shoulder before changing lanes, and this has also saved me from making costly mistakes behind the wheel as well. The only thing you have to be wary of is that if you do so, you will need to ensure that there is nothing directly in front of you, or anybody to the side of you that might be contemplating the same thing. The other next most valuable piece of advice, is to look people in the eye whenever possible. They don't have to be driving, a nod of the head from a pedestrian means they want you to keep moving, or you nod your head and then they can cross. If they acknowledge you, you have their undivided attention.

Reinventing the wheel

  I have actually seen 2 Versatile tractors (276), a smaller Ford (3600) tractor, 2 Toyota Landcruisers, and 2 Four wheeler bikes all strung in a line, and stuck firmly in the mud. If anything can insure against a disaster like this from happening it might be the shark wheel. When something like this happens One of the only options is to wait until the ground dries out enough which could be weeks, or it could be months. That means vehicle down time at a tremendous cost, let alone some quite expensive European 4x4's which really don't like being bogged down to the axles at all. My tip is walk out the area you are concerned about, and get a feel of the ground under your foot. Go slow, and if the front end drops down into the mud abruptly or you can't push on, you're going to have to try and reverse back out on the same tracks you went in on. The key is to know when to stop pushing on.

🛑 Do I? or Don't I?

Your car gets dented. If there is enough damage to warrant a claim on your car insurance policy, it is not uncommon for a cash settlement to be negotiated on the spot, thusly avoiding an insurance policy price hike or devalued driver rating.   In Victoria, Australia it is recommended that you report property damage ASAP, it doesn't mean that you still can't negotiate a cash settlement, it just means there's a record of the incident, and it doesn't necessarily mean that the police will be able to attend, best to get their registration as well as their licence, name and number.

Driving after the Pandemic

Spike in '21 Traffic Fatalities According to The Associated Press. U.S traffic deaths rose 18% (to 20,160) in the first Six months of 2021 compared to the same period the previous year, and that was the highest first half in 15 years. Probably a better time than ever to practice being more mindful of others on the road.

Its in the Detail

  Of course sometimes you are going to want to fix that dent or scratch in your car. If it is not serious or necessary, ie you just want to go to work and back, why would you? You are probably going to just scratch it again anyway. If it is not to serious you are most likely best avoiding a car insurance claim altogether, and perhaps just wait until you want to sell it. Some scratches aren't even scratches, when you touch an object the clear coat or protective layer is there to reduce damage from scratches and can cloud up making it look just like a scratch, and this can be easily fixed with some wax or polish. A good car detailer should know pretty quickly and be able to fix it for you for a few bucks.