reinventing the wheel

just Re-invent the wheel?

I have actually seen 2 Versatile tractors (276), a smaller Ford (3600) tractor, 2 Toyota Landcruisers, and 2 Four wheeler bikes all strung in a line, and stuck firmly in the mud. If anything can insure against a disaster like this from happening it might be the shark wheel.

When something like this happens One of the only options is to wait until the ground dries out enough which could be weeks, or it could be months.

That means vehicle down time at a tremendous cost, let alone some quite expensive European 4x4's which really don't like being bogged down to the axles at all.

My tip is walk out the area you are concerned about, and get a feel of the ground under your foot. Go slow, and if the front end drops down into the mud abruptly or you can't push on, you're going to have to try and reverse back out on the same tracks you went in on.

The key is to know when to stop pushing on.