It Happens

It happens

This is a story that happened to somebody that I know personally. 

You've parked your car to dash into a shop, when you finally arrive back at the car, it is now 100 meters away with what looks like to be an assailant in the car robbing you. Suddenly the chase is on as you sprint towards the vehicle and "want to be felon" while shouting and waving your arms high above your head in order to give the impression that you are much larger than you actually are.

Where in actual fact, what looked like a perfectly flat road was an inconceivably slight gradient, and if you haven't guessed it, they left the handbrake off, a rookie mistake, and then only to discover that the "want to be felon" is actually the son of one of the most powerful CEO's in the country, and who's car you had unintentionally just rammed, was fortunately for you parked where his fathers car would normally be sitting.

So very frightening that this can happen to somebody. It’s probably the most avoidable incidents that get you into really, really hot water, thankfully however this incident only ended in two slightly dented cars and one dented ego.