It Is All In The Detail

Details details

Of course sometimes you are going to want to fix that dent or scratch in your car.

Maybe you are going to just scratch it again anyway at the shops, at work or you don't own a garage, or just to avoid a car insurance claim altogether and just wait until you want to sell it to get it done.

Some scratches aren't even scratches, when you touch an object in your car the clear coat or protective layer is there to reduce the damage from scratches and can instead cloud up over the top of the paint making it look just like a scratch, and this can be easily fixed with some car wax or car polish.

A good car detailer should know pretty quickly if your scratch will polish out or not, and if its not to bad be able to fix it for a few dollars, this is actually quite common. You can tell yourself by running your finger over the area, if you feel an actual scratch mark or groove in the body it won't be polished out, however quite often it is just the clear coat that can be easily fixed or even fix it yourself with a cutting agent and car polish, just read the instructions and there are plenty of Youtube videos too.